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Wallpaper with stripes and borders

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item no. 41176

white flowers in richly decorated ornaments on light green background

Sheet 49.5 x 30 cm

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product description

Wallpaper with stripes and borders

white flowers in
richly decorated ornaments on light green background

sheet: 49.5 x 30 cm

Attention: The sheet size is 8 cm shorter than our standard size for wallpapers. The wallpaper is ideal for small rooms and staircases due to the pattern and the cut.

Note for wallpapering on MDF:
All wallpapers can be processed without soaking time, they are laid out dry. The special wallpaper paste is evenly applied to the entire MDF surface with a wide flat brush (41140). Then the exactly cut wallpaper is laid on and pressed on without bubbles, preferably with a clean and dry bale of fabric (napkins, handkerchief). Allow to dry for a few hours.

Wallpapering is easiest before assembling the MDF panels.

If the house kit was already assembled before the wallpapering, then the wallpapering of the room ceilings can be facilitated nevertheless, if one turns the module box, respectively the entire house, and places on the head.

Useful additions:
# 41120 - White non-woven wallpaper for ceilings
# 41130 - Special wallpaper paste for 4 m²
# 41140 - Flat wide brush, 35 mm

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