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The quickest way to place your orders and save wish lists.

Create your own personal account
and change your contact details and invoice or delivery address as required.

Other things you can do after logging in:
  1. Save and edit your personal wish list.

  2. View it again at a later time.

  3. Add your favorite products from the wish list to your shopping basket by clicking.

Delete customer account
You have the possibility to delete your customer account yourself. This function was developed for the European GDPR regulations (General Data Protection Regulation) to guarantee you the right of deletion ("right to be forgotten").

To delete your customer account, please log in first, then click on "account" in the light grey navigation bar at the top of the page and then on "Delete account".

After you have confirmed that you want to delete your customer account, the system will automatically log you out of our shop and the customer account will be removed.

This process cannot be undone unless you create a completely new customer account.


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