Construction manual - Southern German timbered house

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Construction manual - Southern German timbered house

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Unfortunately, we can no longer offer the building plan for the South German half-timbered house, as the large 8-part lattice windows with fixed shutters (item no. 50290) are no longer available.

Here you will find the new, completely revised house:

Construction manual - South German Half-timbered ouse 2.0

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product description

Construction manual - South German half-timpered house

With this model, we have placed particular value on the usage of inexpensive building elements and a very simple design. This makes it possible for even the inexperienced to easily reproduce this doll house. Just 2.8 square meters of plywood, 10 mm thick, and a few trim pieces are required for this house

The house front can be opened on both sides like a cupboard. All five rooms are then accessible from the front. The house can therefore be mounted with its rear side to the wall to save space.

The building elements installed in the doll house in the picture and their quantities can be found in the following list. You can use the following item and material overview to make your ordering process easier.

Scope of supply:
Extensive construction manual with dimensional drawings, 30 pages.

House dimensions:
Width 80 cm x Height 89 cm x Depth 37 cm

Building elements parts list for the Southern German timbered house:

4x   #50290    8-part lattice window with shutters
4x   #50300    6-part lattice window with shutters
1x   #60050    Front door with pillars
2x   #60070    Interior door with 6 panels
1x   #60180    Interior door with windows
1x   #70100    Straight staircase, construction kit
1x   #70200    Banister rail
1x   #70240    Round railing rods, 12 pieces / package
2x   #70320    Balcony lattice / veranda banister, length 610 mm
3x   #70580    framework slats, 2 x 8 mm, 10 pieces / package

Components for the facade and the interior construction:

1x   #70050    Roof shingles, 100 pieces / package
2x   #70050    Roof shingles, 500 pieces / package

or alternatively:

2x   #70040    Roof tiles with notch, 50 pieces. / package
4x   #70045    Roof tiles with notch, 250 pieces /package

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