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Hausbau - Stadthaus (90350)

MDF-Plattenbausatz für das große Stadthaus mit Klappdach

The MDF panel construction kit (90350) contains all the wood blanks for walls, floors, and roof sections made from MDF material (medium density fiberboard) for building the "Villa Tara". The panels already include all sections for windows, doors, and stairs for the associated building elements set (90320). In addition, all the grooves for the walls and for the separately available cable ducts (22220) have already been milled into the MDF panels. This means no more sawing is required!

The panels only need to be glued into the designated grooves, so no nails or screws are needed either.

With the extensively illustrated manual and the expander (= rubber cord) included with the kit, it's also as easy as pie to construct the "Large Townhouse" alone and without a "helping hand":

The floor tiling and wallpaper can (as can be seen in our illustrations) be already be applied prior to assembly.

Of course the construction kit is provided "bare", so that you can select your favorite wallpaper according to your own furnishing ideas or from our extensive range.

We are certain that you will have great fun construction and building on your new townhouse

House dimensions:
width 126 cm x height 131 cm x depth 34 cm

The construction elements required for finishing the "Large Townhouse" are contained in construction elements kit item no. 90320. The roof can optionally be fitted with 4 dormers as shown in the illustration. For this purpose, the construction kit includes an additional roof part already containing the required sections.

Matching roof dormers:
  1. Roof dormer with Victorian window:  Item no. 50370
  2. Roof dormer with white window:  Item no.: 50371

Kleines und feines Detail:

MDF (Mitteldichte Faser-) Platten bestehen aus feinen natürlichen Holzfasern und Leimharzen, die zu einem homogenen festen Plattenmaterial verpresst wurden. MDF besitzt eine extrem glatte Oberfläche, es splittert nicht und ist absolut formstabil. Wir haben MDF für unsere Haus-Bausätze und unsere Modul Box ausgewählt, weil es sich  besser bearbeiten lässt als Naturholzplatten, und so eine wesentlich höhere Präzision bei den Nuten und Ausschnitten erreicht wird.

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